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Port Douglas Accommodation - Tropical Nites

If the information you require is not available below then please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to answer any questions regarding your future stay with us in Port Douglas.

    Q Is there a public transport system available?
    A Public transport is readily available in Port Douglas including a Bus Service, Taxi Facilities and Coach Schedules that run daily to Cairns and numerous other regional centres.

    Q What is the Far North Queenslands climate like?
    A Average summer temperatures range from 24 - 33 degrees celsius and in the winter months ranges from 14 - 26 degrees. Highest temperatures usually occur in January and the lowest in June, July and August. The Surrounding Tableland areas are cooler, with average dry season temperatures of 9 - 22 deg.

    Q What activities are available for us during our stay?
    A Whilst holidaying in Port Douglas a must do is a visit to the Great Barrier Reef with one of the many vessels travelling there on a daily basis, snorkelling and diving the reef offers a chance to see this wonder first hand.

Other activities include discovering the pristine rainforest of the Daintree National Park, a day trip to the market town of Kuranda with Skyrail, Kuranda Scenic Rail or both, a swim at Mossman Gorge, a Sunset Sailing cruise of Port Douglas harbour, a visit to Hartleys Creek Crocodile Farm or The Rainforest Habitat in Port Douglas to experience and learn about the wildlife of Tropical North Queensland, an aboriginal cultural experience with Tjapukai, Kuku Yalanji, Flames of the Forrest or one of a number of unique and award winning aboriginal cultural experiences available in and around Port Douglas.

Alternatively, you may choose to relax in one of the many cafes, restaurants or Day Spa’s that Port Douglas has to offer.

    Q How long will we need to do everything in Port Douglas?
    A Very few people have long enough to see and experience everything they want to while in Port Douglas as there are many major attractions.  It is easy to fill a week in Port Douglas and many people who have been here several times before now come back for two or three weeks to allow them to experience all they wish to while still having some time to relax.

    Q Should we book tours and activities before we arrive in Port Douglas?
    A Some activities are weather dependent and some book out in advance.  The best idea is to speak to us, either call or email us to let us know what attractions you are considering and we will make recommendations and can book any that should be booking in advance.  We can even make a suggested itinerary based on our extensive local knowledge prior to your arrival!

    Q What clothing should we bring?
    A We enjoy very moderate winter temperatures which steadily increase to warmer weather during our monsoon period. Very casual tropical clothing is all that is required with the need for warmer clothing very unlikely.

    Q Are we able to use our credit cards?

    A All major international credit cards can be used in Port Douglas and travellers' cheques are accepted at hotels, banks and some stores. If your credit card is encoded with a PIN you will be able to withdraw cash from automatic teller machines (ATMs) situated at banks and shopping centres throughout Port Douglas.

    Q What is Australian food like?
    A Australian food is wide and varied as we are a very multi-cultural country, excellent cuisine can be found in our restaurants with tastes that compliment our history.

    Q Can we safely drink local water?
    A We have a clean treated water supply which is safe to drink.

    Q When are the stingers or dangerous jellyfish present?
    A During our warmer summer months, large swimming enclosures (Stinger Nets) are employed at popular swimming beaches, which afford protection against dangerous jellyfish stings and stinger suits are provided on cruise boats to be cautious.

The jellyfish are only present on coastal beaches during a limited, defined season and do not generally interfere with Great Barrier Reef activities such as snorkelling or diving as these take place a distance from the coast out of the habitat of the marine stingers.

A Tropical Nite is a real home away from home and perfect for longer stays, small groups and families.